my name is Jan, as an grafic artist and designer I am the man behind SMFX® - the KING OF CAPS from Germany.


As a capaddict since I was a child, I grew up with skateboarding and basketball. My own convictions of wearing comfort, functionality and aesthetics have led me to found my own label in the summer of 2012.


A vision in my head, my self-developed patterns, selected materials, a sewing machine and countless day and night shifts in my studio, finally led to the first jewel on the head.

Each cap is unique, with its own character, which is reflected in material selection and fit, up to its own name.


8 hours of work - that means perfection from the first seam to the closure. Of course, my heart goes up when more and more cap lovers find their own claims confirmed in my products. A change of ownership including a lifetime warranty on all seams - feels like a knighthood.


You are invited to be enchanted by a real SMFX® Cap!

In this sense - Keep ya hat up!



Here's a little story that must be told ...


grown up as a kid in East Germany. My father used to have a job at the woodwork. In 1986 a wooden plank, a pair of rollerskates and a screwdriver were all we need. High 5 to my brother!


That "thing" was a mess but we had fun! Just crusin and crashin around with that spongy rollin wood. Learning, having fun and making sports. No tricks, no politics.


In the early 1990s me and my little brother bought our first skateboard from TITUS. Baggy pants and the basecap on, every day was just skateboarding and basketball (there was the NBA on german telly, remember?). Hangin around with friends in skateparks, searching for new spots and began filming our tricks.


the saga continues ...

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