The real wood Skateboard cap

The real wood Skateboard cap


light blue denim x wood'n'griptape brim cap //adjustable //handmade


This is a one and only unique & handmade Masterpieces. This is the real sh*t!! Still blows my mind ...  a fivepanel campcap with a wooden brim and griptape on it like a real skateboard does. Fits like a "standard" SMFX fivepanel but the brim keeps flat :D


The brim is made of modelling wood.  Bringing on the griptape felt like on a skateboard. Sanded the edges with the rest of the cutted griptape.


I think this is a world premiere. Never seen before. If I'm wrong let me know please!!! "01.08.2014



73. The real wood skateboard cap

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